Underage Drinking Can Have Long-Term Repercussions

It Is Smart To Enlist Our Experienced Legal Guidance

Underage drinking may seem like "no big deal," but the reality is that a conviction can stay on your criminal record and prevent you from renting an apartment, getting a job or being accepted into the school of your choice. If you are charged with underage DUI, the consequences are even more severe.

At James M. Porfido, Attorney at Law, our Morristown underage drinking defense lawyer represents college students, high school students and other juveniles in Morris County, Essex County and across northern New Jersey. We do our best to help our young clients avoid conviction, keep their driver's licenses and move past youthful mistakes into bright futures.

We Work To Minimize The Impact Of An Underage Drinking Charge

Underage drinking is governed by N.J.S.A. 2C:33-15 and 2C:33-16. A conviction could result in the loss of your driver's license for six months, and a $500 fine. In fact, a young person can be convicted under this statute even if he or she possessed alcohol but was not drinking. That is called minor in possession or MIP.

Over the course of a career spanning nearly 25 years, attorney Porfido has both prosecuted and defended numerous cases involving underage drinking, underage DUI and minor in possession. Many of our firm's clients are students attending New Jersey colleges and universities such as Fairleigh Dickinson University, Drew University, College of Saint Elizabeth, County College of Morris, Sussex County Community College and other area schools.

We are able to handle the criminal procedures as well as advise our clients on the university administrative issues that may arise as a result of underage drinking.

We Explore All Possible Defenses

As with every juvenile crime case we handle, we will thoroughly examine all the facts surrounding your arrest. If any evidence was obtained illegally, perhaps through an unlawful search, we will work to have it excluded, which often leads to dismissal.

If you or your child already entered a guilty plea, it may not be too late. If a lawyer was asked for and not provided, or if the young person was not told about the right to have a lawyer, we may be able to vacate the guilty plea or file an appeal.

Contact Our Morris County Underage DUI Lawyer

If you or your child has been charged with underage drinking, a violation of N.J.S.A. 2C:33-15, in Morris County, Essex County or anywhere in northern New Jersey, reach out to our firm for help. Call 973-828-0811 or toll free 877-760-4138. You can also send us an email and we will respond promptly.

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