Traffic Violations Can Wreak Serious Havoc On Your Life

We Can Help Fight A Ticket Or Minimize The Impact

When you agree to pay a fine without challenging a traffic ticket, you are pleading guilty and possibly exposing yourself to future consequences, including increased insurance premiums, license points, surcharges through the Motor Vehicle Services Commission and even future license suspension. At the law offices of James M. Porfido, we are committed to asserting the rights of clients facing traffic violations and tickets and knowing how to achieve the best results.

Contact us as soon as possible to understand your rights and protections if you have been pulled over or cited for a traffic violation (N.J.S.A. Title 39).

We Review Every Legal Option

It is important to know you rights and options, even if you are planning on appearing in court. Our attorney will take the time to help you understand your charges and the potential outcomes of your case. We will take every necessary legal action to defeat the charges or minimize the penalties associated with a conviction. We may be able to plea bargain or defeat your charges completely. We will look at the state's case and commit to providing you the best defense.

Mr. Porfido is experienced in traffic and municipal court hearings involving:

Administrative Hearings And Licensing

In addition to handling your underlying criminal and traffic matter, we can also handle administrative hearings that will affect your driving privileges. We have experience in cases involving commercial driver's licenses (CDL), underage drinking and driving, driving while under the influence and traffic violations that lead to license revocation and suspension. We take an aggressive and strategic approach to assert your rights and defeat the charges you face or minimize the consequences of a conviction. We are committed to keeping up to date on case developments to raise issues in your defense on behalf of you.

Contact James M. Porfido to arrange an initial consultation with an experienced Morristown, New Jersey, criminal defense lawyer and Certified Criminal Trial Attorney.

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