Anatomy Of A DWI Arrest And At The Police Station

I. The Stop

II. (i)Time (ii) Reasonable Articulable Suspicion

III.The Inquiry and Responses
Is probable cause developing?

IV. The Documents
(i)Driver's License; (ii) Registration; (iii) Insurance
(a) Speech, (b) Hand movement.

V. The Suspicion/Questioning

(i) Odor of alcohol? (ii) Admission to consumption.

  1. The Preexist Tests

(i) Instruction (ii) Advisement of Rights

  1. The Standardized Field Side Sobriety Tests-

Opinion: Pass/Fail subjective

  1. The Arrest
  1. Time (ii) Advisement of rights
  1. The Transport
  2. The Processing/Breath Test

(Alcotest & Results)

  1. Compliance with relevant cases and State v. Chun, 194 NJ 54,943A2d 114 (2008)
  2. The Release –

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