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A criminal conviction for domestic violence or abuse (see N.J.S.A. 2C:25-1, et seq.) could result in fines or jail time. A restraining order could result in the loss of your rights to see your children or to enter your home. James M. Porfido, Attorney at Law, LLC, has extensive experience with these types of cases and can effectively assert your rights in defense against domestic violence charges.

You should know that if a civil order of protection is granted, you will be registered in a New Jersey State data bank of domestic violence offenders and will be required to submit to fingerprinting. Additionally, you could forfeit your right to own a gun.

It is critical to act quickly to protect your rights in a domestic violence case. You could face a restraining order and a criminal conviction that results in a criminal record, fines, and jail time. Contact Morristown domestic violence lawyer James M. Porfido to begin an immediate investigation and start your defense.

A Prompt Response Is Important In NJ Domestic Violence Cases

James Porfido, the law firm’s founder, has more than 20 years of experience in criminal law and is a certified trial lawyer by the Supreme Court of New Jersey. He is very familiar with domestic violence statute 2C:25-1, et seq., and has proven success in challenging the assertions that the prosecution makes when applying the statute.

Mr. Porfido and the other lawyers at the firm have extensive experience representing both parties in domestic violence and domestic abuse cases. We use this experience to build strong defenses in domestic violence cases involving:

Restraining Order Protection in Morris County, NJ

A large part of our practice in domestic violence cases involves protection against restraining orders. For a restraining order to be issued, you must have committed one of 19 enumerated offenses, including assault, harassment, burglary, or trespass. We will challenge the underlying criminal charges to prevent the issuance of a restraining order against you.

Timing is crucial in a domestic violence dispute. There is a short time period — eight to 10 days — between the issuance of a temporary restraining order (TRO) and the issuance of a final restraining order (FRO). We will take immediate action to defend against restraining orders and protect your rights.

Let Us Review The Facts Of Your Domestic Violence Case

In addition to defending against charges of domestic abuse, Mr. Porfido occasionally helps victims seek a restraining order. He has extensive experience in victims’ rights, having participated in the New Jersey Coalition for Battered Women’s pro bono Legal Advocacy Program.

Mr. Porfido is also a trustee (since 1997) for a nonprofit organization: the New Jersey Crime Victim Law Center. This organization was created by Mr. Richard Pompelio in memory of his son Anthony, who was a victim of a homicide. The organization zealously advocates for the rights of crime victims and the protection they are afforded under the New Jersey constitution established by the crime victims amendment in 1991.

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Contact James M. Porfido, Attorney at Law, to arrange an initial consultation with an experienced Morristown, New Jersey criminal defense lawyer and Certified Criminal Trial Attorney as Certified by the Supreme Court of the State of New Jersey.

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