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New Jersey Robbery Begins With The Theft Of A Man’s Lunch

Three people were indicted in New Jersey on charges of armed robbery, according to an article at The chain of events that led to the indictments allegedly began when one of the three, whom police say was carrying a gun, approached a man on the street, grabbed a bag he was carrying, and ran […] Read More

“Operation Pitfall” Results in the Arrest of 49 Gang Members

The drug trade in Paterson took a major hit as the police say they have arrested 49 suspects known to be affiliated with the Bloods street gang in an apparent sting known as “Operation Pitfall”. It was reported that authorities seized up to 18,000 bags of heroin which is estimated to be worth up to […] Read More

Supreme Court Maintains Ban on Assault Rifles Used in Texas and Las Vegas Shootings

In an appeal backed by the National Rifle Association the Supreme Court has upheld a 2013 Maryland ban preventing the sale of assault rifles, the kinds of which were recently used in the mass shootings in Las Vegas and Texas. The ban which became law after the devastating shooting that took place at Sandy Hook […] Read More

Two People Charged with DWI After Crashes in New Jersey

A DWI accident or allegation has the potential to turn your life upside down in a matter of minutes- knowing how to respond after someone accuses you of driving under the influence may help to protect your future and give you peace of mind. DWI crashes, unfortunately, involve potential criminal as well as civil responsibilities […] Read More

Recent Road Rage Incident Causes Serious Injuries

Road rage is a serious problem that could also be elevated to assault charges in the State of New Jersey. Unfortunately, when drivers get frustrated behind the wheel and take it a level too far by engaging physically or threatening someone else, this could be categorized as assault. If you’re involved in an altercation with […] Read More

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