Fire Inspector and Wife Plead Not Guilty to Jewelry Theft

A New Jersey fire inspector and his wife are charged with forgery, misapplication of entrusted funds and theft. Prosecutors allege that the pair stole $150,00 and $15,000 worth of jewelry from the husband’s grandmother. The couple had power of attorney for the grandmother.

The couple pleaded not guilty to the theft charges. The prosecutor for the case stated that the state was offering the couple five years in state prison in exchange for a guilty plea. The couple is rejecting the deal. According to the couple’s lawyer, the pair had done nothing illegal and the numbers given by the prosecution were inflated. They should not add up to a second-degree offense. A theft is only considered second-degree if the total adds up to at least $75,000. A second-degree offense would carry a 10 year prison sentence.

The couple in this case was not interested in taking the plea deal offered by the state. It is a common practice for states’ attorneys to offer a plea deal. It can help to speed along the trial process. In this case, the couple feels that the charges are exaggerated.

This couple might benefit from the assistance of a criminal defense lawyer. An experienced lawyer might be able to answer their questions and help them prepare for court. A lawyer might also be able to persuade a judge or jury that the offenses do not add up to a second-degree offense. If the charges can be reduced or thrown out, the couple might face a much lighter sentence or no sentence at all.

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