Former School Employee Could Have Record Wiped Clean

A 41-year-old woman from New Jersey who supposedly took electronics and office equipment from a school over a two-year period could have her charges cleared if she completes a rehabilitation program. The former secretary was admitted into a pre-trial program for theft on June 14, but she must resign from her position with the district. If she can successfully adhere to all of the program requirements, the charge will be dismissed and her record will be cleared. The program lasts one year and she might need to complete work-order hours and psychological evaluations.

Her attorney insisted that the woman was not confessing that she committed any crimes by her participation. He indicated that the program is to benefit everyone involved and does not relate to her guilt. He did not elaborate on why she agreed to attend the intervention.

The woman worked at a high school but was employed for the entire district in several areas and also coordinated audio-visual materials for both a middle school and high school. She was on administrative leave pending resignation, but was not prohibited from looking for a job in the public sector.

The products that she allegedly stole were valued at about $2,200, according to official documents. Part of her duties included ordering school supplies. Her yearly earnings were $52,510, though she received an additional stipend of about $3,100 for her duties in the audio-visual field. Her employer did not comment on the investigation.

A criminal record can keep people out of some jobs, especially in the public sector. However, the courts sometimes erase a criminal record if the accused complies with certain requirements. A criminal defense lawyer might be able to help clients qualify for this type of program.

Source:, ‘Secretary allegedly stole electronics, supplies from North Plainfield High School, authorities say,” Bill Wichert, March 6, 2013.

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