New Jersey Bank Robbery Investigation Based on Few Details

An investigation of a South Jersey bank robbery just over a week ago was initially relying on only a few pieces of information about the alleged robber. According to a report from, the suspect entered a bank in Pittsgrove Township and demanded cash from the bank teller. The teller gave the man an unreported amount of cash before the man ran from the bank.

Witnesses at the bank provided a description of the man for the investigation. However, the physical description is rather limited in details. Reports state that the robber is a white man with a long straight nose who is probably in his 30s. The most identifying feature of the alleged robber seems to be his long, straight nose.

With such little information about the man, authorities could potentially base their investigation on the few details they do have of the man, like the shape of his nose. This could be a mistake, though, as many other people could fit the reported description of the alleged robber.

Whenever a criminal investigation occurs, authorities have the goal of finding the alleged criminal. However, this may sometimes occur at the expense of a person who was not involved in the crime.

If a person believes that he or she has been arrested or charged for a crime he or she did not commit, standing up for one’s position is critical. For instance, if another long-nosed 30-something white man is spotted by authorities in the area, he could become a suspect, even though he may not even know that the bank robbery occurred.

Attaining strong legal representation can be one way to ensure that one is not sentenced for a crime that one did not commit.

Source:, “Pinocchio bank robber? ‘Long-nosed’ suspect at-large in South Jersey,” Alex Young, Feb. 1, 2013

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