New Jersey Man Accused of Embezzling More than 250k

A Wanaque man who was responsible for the daily operations of two Hackensack manufacturing companies is being charged in connection with reportedly embezzling more than $250,000 from them. Until recently, the man was a managing partner of both companies.

According to the prosecutor for the case, the man’s alleged embezzlement was made possible by issuing multiple reimbursement checks for undocumented expenses. In addition, he allegedly submitted phony reimbursement receipts for product molds for one of the two companies. A summons was issued for the man, charging him with second-degree deception, an offense that may be punishable by as much as 10 years in prison. In addition to a potential prison sentence, the man in this story may be required to repay the money that he allegedly embezzled.

The effects of a conviction may affect this man’s life for many years in the future: His reputation might be damaged, and he may have trouble finding employment. A skilled attorney may be able to devise a defense strategy for him or individuals in similar situations. In this case, the allegations may stem from a lack of documentation for reimbursements that he was paid. An attorney might be able to find a reasonable explanation for the reimbursements.

Alternatively, it is sometimes possible to make a plea bargain to avoid a lengthy trial. Plea bargains usually mean pleading guilty or no contest to a lesser charge or sentence in exchange for avoiding trial. Judges sometimes favor plea bargains because they help speed up the court process. An attorney might be able to arrange for such a plea bargain. In addition, if a person accused of embezzlement or other theft crimes has no prior convictions, an attorney might be able to arrange for lesser charges or a reduced sentence.

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