Source Says Federal Investigation Against Armstrong Shifted Focus

Lance Armstrong is certainly a well-known name in New Jersey. Whether you are a cycling fanatic, a sports fan in general or anyone who even watches the news, you have heard the name in headlines for a number of years. The focus has swung on the pendulum of responses from extremely positive to controversial and very emotional at times.

For approximately two years, federal investigators had been looking into what has now become a very public discussion: the drugs that Armstrong admittedly took to enhance his ability to perform at his sport. The investigation has focused on claims of drug distribution, fraud and conspiracy, but those charges were suddenly dropped this past week — but the investigation didn’t end.

Instead of closing the federal investigation, a high-level source said that it has simply shifted focus. The source chose to remain anonymous due to the obviously sensitive nature of this incident and every related situation. Instead, the source said that the investigation has shifted focus. Agents are now concerned with finding evidence that would support charges of obstruction, witness tampering and intimidation.

It is not clear from the source why the investigation suddenly took an immediate turn. However, this type of switch often occurs based on a matter of evidence. Prosecutors and police will often want to get a conviction in one way or another, and in some cases they turn to the charges they believe will be easier to prove in court. An experienced criminal defense attorney will be ready for any shift in a case.

Source: abc, “Lance Armstrong Under Investigation for Obstruction, Witness Tampering and Intimidation: Exclusive,” Neal Karlinsky, Feb, 5, 2013

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