10 Men Arrested in Drug Ring

A 55-year-old man, the former chief housing inspector in a New Jersey municipality, was taken into custody in late December with a serious accusation that he was connected to a drug ring. He faces charges for cocaine sales, cocaine possession, cocaine possession within 1,000 feet of a school and cocaine possession within 500 feet of a public building. He has been suspended from his job without pay. Ten more men were also detained on drug charges, which police claim resulted from a of confiscation of drugs valued at $130,000, 22 illegal weapons and a significant amount of money.

State and local authorities worked together on the 10-month investigation. Sources say that the investigation zeroed in on three alleged drug dealers who had been supplying cocaine and marijuana throughout central New Jersey for as long as 20 years. Some individuals facing charges of drug possession and drug sales also face weapons charges.

In addition to the housing inspector, two other public officials were also taken into custody: a 57-year-old male employee with the Public Works Department and a 40-year-old male dispatcher with a county sheriff’s department. Their work status was not reported. Another man who owns a restaurant was taken into custody after a search was done at his place of business. Authorities claim to have confiscated at least five different types of drugs and a handgun.

When someone works in a position of public trust, drug charges can affect their livelihood and result in the loss of employment and reputation. A criminal defense attorney might be able to prevent clients from losing their jobs or at least negotiate a plea agreement to eliminate or reduce fines and jail time.

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