2 New Jersey Juveniles Accused in Deli Owners Death

Two juveniles have been charged with the death of a deli owner in Newark. The 41-year-old man was shot during an attempted robbery that took place during daylight hours. Following the shooting, authorities identified two 17-year-old boys whom they believe to be the suspects. Both of the teens have been charged with murder and robbery.

The incident took place in a deli located on the 200 block of Chancellor Avenue. Authorities say that two teens attempted to rob the deli owner before fatally shooting him. So far, it is unclear how many shots were fired or whether both of the teens are suspected of using a gun. It is also not known whether there were any witnesses in the deli at the time. Due to their age, the teen’s identities have not been released to the public.

After a shooting, it is possible for investigators to implicate the wrong suspects. If the teens in this case wish to plead innocent, a criminal defense attorney may help them to build a strong, fact-based defense. Evidence to use for a defense in this case may include proof that the teens were at another location when the shooting occurred. Because the murder happened during the day, it’s also possible that there were witnesses inside the deli who could testify on the teens’ behalf.

Another issue the teens will have to face is whether or not they will be charged as adults. In some murder cases, the prosecution may choose to charge an underage person in the same manner as an adult. Because this would mean a vast difference in the possible sentence they could receive if convicted, a lawyer may work to convince a judge to charge the teens as juveniles.

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