3 Facing Charges in New Jersey Locker Room Thefts

Two men and one woman were taken into custody on suspicion of theft after several items were allegedly stolen from a Florham Park fitness facility between July 21 and Aug. 8. Officials received six theft reports pertaining to, in total, approximately $3,100 in credit cards, cell phones, cash and other items that were taken from fitness center lockers. The alleged thieves were identified through video records obtained from the places where stolen credit cards had been used, according to a police statement.

The three individuals were taken into custody at a hotel in North Plainville on Aug. 13. The were all charged with several crimes, including theft charges consisting of six counts of conspiracy to commit burglary and four counts of conspiracy to commit credit card theft.

According to a Berkeley Heights police lieutenant, one of the individuals was charged with additional offenses after he attempted to use a stolen credit card at a pharmacy in Berkeley Heights. His additional charges include theft by deception, credit card theft, possession of a stolen credit card and fraudulent use of a credit card. He is being held on a $10,000 bail.

An experienced New Jersey criminal defense lawyer may be able to provide a solid defense strategy for an individual facing serious criminal charges. The lawyer may conduct a careful review of the case. If law enforcement officials have mishandled evidence or violated a defendant’s rights, there may be cause to have the case dismissed.

The lawyer may suggest a plea bargain if the prosecutor’s case appears to be strong. In that case, the lawyer may negotiate with the prosecution for a reasonable plea agreement. The plea deal may include reduced penalties in exchange for a no-contest or guilty plea.

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