34 Face Federal Charges in New Jersey Drug Arrest

On March 26, federal officials announced that 25 individuals who allegedly belong to a violent street gang have been arrested for trafficking heroin, crack-cocaine, ecstasy, marijuana and prescription pills. An additional nine people who were already in custody on other charges were also indicted. A 227-page document lists an extensive organization of drug crimes and violence along with phone conversations documenting the accusations.

The gang that ruled much of the drug traffic in a city in New Jersey was called Dirty Block, Crime Fam and The alleged members face accusations of various crimes, such as killing a rival gang member and using FEMA money to maintain an apartment used for drug storage. The woman who rented the apartment allegedly did not stay there but was told to put the government funds she received toward a heroin enterprise.

In two other incidents, one alleged gang member was killed by police officers who were watching an alleged stash house. Law enforcement claimed he was pulling a weapon from his pants as he left the residence and shot him. Another man who is accused of involvement worked for a bail bond company and allegedly gave money to other gang members who had been charged and arrested. He reportedly let people deal heroin at the business.

When people are accused of federal offenses of trafficking drugs, they could face serious sanctions because of mandatory sentencing laws. Penalties for drug crimes can include high fines, drug treatment, drug testing, community service hours and time in jail or prison. Criminal defense attorney might be able to negotiate a reduced charge with the prosecutor in order to lessen the consequences.

Source: North Jersey, “Feds: 34 charged in N.J. drug trafficking operation,” Katie Zezima, March 26, 2013

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