Alleged Gang Leader Faces Felony Drug Charges in New Jersey

Drug charges can be life altering. Beyond the obvious penalties such as prison time and large fines, a guilty sentence can haunt an accused person in ways they do not anticipate. Even after serving the necessary prison time and paying off the fines, the accused person is often not done suffering penalties. The person may be penalized by a tarnished reputation, finding it all but impossible to secure employment with a drug charge on their record. The person’s image may also be forever damaged in the eyes of their friends and family. To avoid these serious consequences, it is often necessary to devise a strong legal strategy.

Two men face serious consequences after a recent arrest in New Jersey. One man, 38, is allegedly a leader of the Bloods gang. The other man, 35, is supposedly his associate. According to police, the men were arrested after attempting to flee from officers. The men had allegedly discarded bags of heroin and cocaine while running, but officers later retrieved these bundles.

Reports say that along with 14 bags of cocaine and one bag of marijuana, police also confiscated a .38-caliber handgun that was loaded. One of the men is a convicted felon who was charged with shooting a man during a dice game robbery. He faces three weapons charges and five drug-dealing charges. The other man faces a resisting arrest charge, along with eight drug-dealing violations.

Drug-dealing violations are usually far more serious than other drug charges. Those found guilty face lengthy prison times and enormous fines. For those faced with such charges, it is often necessary to employ strong legal representation. With the help of an attorney, the severity of these charges may be fought in court to be reduced and in some cases, dismissed altogether.

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