Domestic Violence and Juveniles

When people think of juvenile crime, they may think about underage drinking, shoplifting or cutting classes. People might think that these crimes are just silly mistakes that all kids can make, however, these crimes all can carry serious penalties.

Furthermore, these are not the only juvenile crimes that children — especially teens — face in New Jersey. While people may think of domestic violence as an adult crime, many juveniles are charge with domestic violence charges each year. These are very serious allegations that can have life-long consequences.

According to U.S. Department of Justice, one out every 12 people facing domestic violence charges is a juvenile in the U.S. Additionally, juveniles are less likely to be charged with assaulting a stranger than they are to be charged with domestic violence. The alleged victims of the domestic violence were the juvenile’s sibling in 24 percent of the cases. However, in 51 percent of the cases, the alleged victim was the juvenile’s parent. Victims can also be a boyfriend or girlfriend, a juvenile’s child or other family member — like grandparents or cousins.

Domestic violence charges usually stem from an altercation at a residence in the late afternoon or evening. The DOJ says that 88 percent of juvenile domestic assaults occur at a residence. However, victims of juvenile domestic violence are less likely to be injured than those of adult offenders.

Like domestic violence charges, many of the crimes that juveniles face are serious. With the right legal help, those accused of juvenile crimes can protect their futures and put these matters behind them. Therefore, families facing juvenile crimes should seek an experienced attorney.

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