Drunk Driving Is an Unfortunate Mistake Mitigate the Damages

Most drivers in the state of New Jersey never intend to hurt anyone when they get behind the wheel. They work to follow the rules of the road to keep themselves and others safe. However, in some circumstances it’s easy to break the rules and not even realize it. People may go a few miles over the speed limit, they may forget to use a turn signal or they can have too much to drink before driving. Drinking and driving may not always be a conscious decision. People go out, have a few drinks and drive home. People can feel perfectly fine, but still have a blood alcohol content level above the legal limit of .08 percent.

Even when drinking and driving is an innocent mistake, people can and will face criminal charges for driving under the influence in New Jersey. People can lose their drivers’ license — and therefore their way to get to work or their way to get their kids to school — face large fines and jail time. Even first time offenders who do not cause an accident can face penalties.

Therefore, it is important that people act quickly following a DUI arrest. People need to mitigate the damage caused by the arrest by fighting the charges. Depending on the situation in each case, people can challenge the circumstances of the police stop, the way BAC level tests were conducted or even the results of those tests.

The attorneys at our law firm understand these options and which can work best in a particular case. By quickly working with an attorney, people can ensure that their rights are protected. Certain steps must be taken immediately to protect a person’s rights and options. We work to immediately start building a defense in a person’s case. By discussing the strengths and weaknesses in a legal case, people can make the best decisions on how to move forward.

Please see our drunk driving webpage for more information on how our firm helps people following a drunk driving arrest.

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