Golf Course Bandits Try Stealing Green

New Jersey police have taken into custody two men whom they say dressed up as golfers to steal credit cards at a local golf course. They are now facing theft charges in regards to thefts at other area golf courses. The men allegedly were dressed to blend in, wearing various golf attire.

The pair were alleged to have stolen credit cards at a Springfield club in Union Township. Police say that the men then used the stolen credit cards to buy $8,000 worth of gift cards. They also stand accused of attempting to purchase $8,000 worth of merchandise from a Target store using the stolen cards. Authorities have reportedly linked the men to identical thefts in New Jersey, New York State and Connecticut, as well as earlier crimes at Florida and South Carolina golf courses. Police became involved when workers at a New Jersey country club claimed to recognize the men.

The duo, ages 33 and 34, are said to be from Miami. They were both charged with multiple counts of credit card theft, credit card fraud, theft by deception, burglary and criminal trespass.

Charges related to fraud, stealing and other theft can be serious. An attorney experienced in defending individuals against claims of felony theft, identity theft and shoplifting may be able to help the accused by negotiating plea bargains for reduced charges or penalties. Such a lawyer may also be able to examine arrest and investigation records to uncover any mistakes made by police or others that may result in a dismissal of charges.

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