Gov Christie Addresses Claims of Widespread Looting in New Jersey

Life in New Jersey is different to say the least after Hurricane Sandy swept through the area. The tumultuous storm damaged a significant number of businesses and residential homes. Many have remained without power, making even some of the simple daily tasks difficult. Amidst the chaos, fears have begun to increase.

There have been several claims that looting has become a significantly widespread problem amongst neighborhoods without power. Governor Chris Christie made an announcement this past Friday that there is no evidence of widespread looting occurring in the state.

According to a Monmouth County prosecutor, there were approximately 25 arrests made over only a few days relating to “petty burglaries and looting incidents.” A police detective said that he saw looters congregating at a local area outlet mall at one point during the storm.

The announcement was not only made to discount the claims that there is a serious issue, but also as a way for the governor to ease the fears. Gov. Christie said that there will be an increased law enforcement presence in the wake of the storm. In fact, approximately 250 more state troopers are going to patrol the area.

Some of the reports of burglaries may be true, but during times like these there can also be a lot of fear, panic and false accusations or arrests. In some cases an individual may be arrested for being in the wrong place at the wrong time under the wrong circumstances.

Source: SF Gate, “Christie: No evidence of widespread looting in NJ,” Nov. 2, 2012

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