Juveniles Face Collateral Consequences in Criminal Cases

Millions of New Jersey residents have children of all ages, and parents of all different backgrounds would probably agree that there is one certain period of childhood that can be very difficult for everyone involved: the teenage years. Many children become somewhat rebellious in their teenage years, and they test the boundaries of acceptable behavior. Most teenagers, however, do not find themselves on the wrong side of the law.

But, when a juvenile is arrested, no matter the child’s age, it is time to get very serious about what the next steps need to be. Children who face juvenile crime charges in New Jersey are treated differently in the courts: juveniles are subject to the provisions of the Code of Juvenile Justice. However, despite this special treatment, which can be much more different than the criminal justice system’s approach to adult charges, juveniles and their parents need to be aware that an aggressive defense can still make the difference in the ultimate outcome of the case.

Although it tends to be harder for a potential school or employer to locate and get the details regarding a juvenile arrest record, in many cases a record could be disastrous for a juvenile’s future career or educational prospects. And, because juveniles are by very definition under the legal age of adulthood, they may not appreciate the seriousness of the situation.

At our law firm, we believe that juveniles who face criminal allegations are just as entitled to a strong criminal defense strategy as adults. The collateral consequences that could be associated with a juvenile record simply are not worth the risk. For more information on how our law firm approaches criminal cases involving juveniles, please visit our website.

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