Know the Facts ID Theft Is a Crime in New Jersey

Identity theft is a crime that has been in the news in New Jersey over the past decade or so. Allegations of ID theft should not be thrown around lightly. It is a serious crime

How does identity theft occur? One of the most common ways for it to occur is for individuals to go through the trash of potential victims. They look for Social Security numbers, bank account numbers and other personally identifiable information. This information can often be used to steal money from bank accounts and open lines of credit without the victim’s permission. There are other ways of getting this information as well.

Identity theft is unlawful in New Jersey. The Garden State’s wrongful impersonation statute outlaws identity theft. Any person who assumes a false identity, impersonates another or obtains another person’s personally identifiable information and uses that information to obtain a benefit for themselves or another person is guilty of wrongful impersonation under New Jersey law.

Given all of this, it is obviously a big deal for someone to be accused of identity theft. A conviction for identity theft can result in punishment ranging from a disorderly person’s offense up to a crime of the second degree, depending on the number of identities allegedly stolen and the amount of money allegedly obtained. A conviction for wrongful impersonation may make it hard to get certain kinds of jobs. Those accused of identity theft or wrongful impersonation have the option of speaking to an attorney.

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