Morris County Police Charges 22 People with Violent Crime

The Morris County Acting Prosecutor announced on Aug. 22 that 22 individuals who were deemed to be either drug dealers, gang members or violent criminals had been taken into police custody as a part of a five month investigation that took place between April and August. The goal of the investigation was to reduce the number of violent crimes in Morris County, New Jersey. The investigation was aimed at targeting an alleged spike in gang activity and drug dealing.

To identify individuals who were committing these crimes, a task force was developed that included staff from the Morris County Prosecutor’s Office, New Jersey State Police and municipal officers from Florham Park, Mount Olive, Morristown and Roxbury. According to a representative, the Morris County Violent Crime Initiative charged 22 individuals who were allegedly committing crimes in residential areas of Morris County.

An overwhelming majority of those who were arrested were reported to be repeat offenders. Out of the 22 who were charged, 19 were alleged to be violent offenders who had previously been charged or convicted in relation to violent crimes. Nine of the individuals were classified as gang members, and another 10 were considered gang associates. According to the Morris County Prosecutor’s Office, law enforcement in the area is dedicated to investigating and prosecuting individuals who participate in acts of violence and associated behaviors.

If someone is convicted of a violent crime, they may end up facing an extended prison sentence. A lawyer could help someone understand their charges as well as negotiating on their behalf to reduce the charges or arrange for a plea bargain with a lesser penalty.

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