Morris High School Official Charged with Assault

It is not uncommon for New Jersey residents to get into arguments with their significant other. These disputes can be charged with emotions and quickly become heated. Harsh words may be exchanged and feelings may be hurt. Sometimes, though, things escalate, and someone may wind up injured. In these instances, allegations of wrongdoing might be made, leading to criminal charges.

Recently, the sports director at West Morris Central High School allegedly threatened to kill his wife, restrained her and wrestled her to the ground, all while holding a knife. He is now facing assault charges as well as a charge of making terroristic threats. He is currently suspended from his job and will appear in court in early September.

It can be stressful to face any criminal charge. However, those related to violent crimes can be especially worrisome, because the penalties may be more severe if prosecutors are able to obtain a conviction. Accused individuals have defense options, though, which may help them fight against the allegations and, hopefully, obtain an acquittal.

When facing assault charges, one of the most common defenses is self-defense. If an individual attacks another and the victim cannot get away, then he or she may have to fight back to protect him or herself. In a situation like this, evidence of the initial attack may be utilized to show that the accused individual was merely reacting to a threatening situation.

As basic as that may sound, legal defenses are often much more complicated and deal with many moving parts. For this reason, individuals who have been accused of a crime may want to seek the aid of a criminal defense attorney.

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