Morristown Man Accused of Dealing Heroin at Motel

Drug charges are serious. There is no doubt about that. A drug conviction can lead to large fines, probationary periods and incarceration. A drug conviction causes a person to have a criminal record that may be used against them in the future. Although the consequences are serious, the defendant has the right to fight charges with the assistance of an experienced defense attorney.

Fighting charges can lead to lowered penalties or even having charges dismissed. A Morristown, New Jersey, man was recently arrested and accused of drug distribution at a local motel.

Point Township police allege that the man had been distributing heroin for a while in Northumberland County. When they became suspicious of the activity, they used an informant to set up a controlled buy. The informant allegedly agreed to buy $320 worth of controlled substances. He allegedly agreed to meet the defendant at a predetermined location.

The police informant was observed getting into a vehicle allegedly tied to the defendant. The vehicle went around the block and the informant got back out. He then produced approximately 9 grams worth of a substance in a clear plastic bag that was later determined to be heroin. It is unclear if the informant was wearing any recording device.

The defendant was later arrested at the motel he was currently living in and charged with three felony counts: one count of criminal use of a communication facility, one count of possession of a controlled substance and one count of delivery of a controlled substance. He was also charged with misdemeanor possession.

Source: The Daily Item, “New Jersey man charged in local heroin sales,” Francis Scarcella, Feb. 28, 2012

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