New Jersey College Ice Cup Thief Has Charges Dropped

The combination of the typical late-teen and a collegiate atmosphere creates an environment where mistakes are made. Teens tend to make mistakes that can lead to law enforcement involvement. Some of these incidents do lead to criminal charges that can have very serious consequences of which the teens may be aware that their actions could lead to.

One New Jersey college teen was a bit surprised, however, when his innocent intent to have a cup of ice led to theft charges. According to the Brookdale Community College staff in Middletown, ice was not complimentary.

The charges rose from an incident in which the 18-year-old student walked into the school’s cafeteria and walked out with an order of French fries and a cup of ice. The student had paid for the fries, but has assumed that the cup of ice would come at no charge. There were no signs posted in the cafeteria that would indicate whether there would be a charge for ice without the coinciding beverage.

The school proceeded to call local law enforcement for the alleged theft. The teen was eventually charged with a disorderly persons offense. Not surprisingly, the charges did not last long. They were eventually dropped on Friday, March 23.

According to the report, the student had hired the assistance of an attorney in handling the matter. Even when charges may seem almost silly, an experienced defense attorney can help ensure that they do not develop into more. Even small charges can have an effect on a person’s life.

Source: The Republic, “Charge dismissed against NJ college student accused of stealing a cup of ice from cafeteria,” March 23, 2012

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