New Jersey Jewelry Stores Are Known to Carry a High Amount of Physical Merchandise

New Jersey jewelry stores are known to carry a high amount of physical merchandise and depending on the store individual pieces of jewelry can have a very high price tag. Since jewelry stores carry such a large amount of merchandise, many stores have security systems and preventive measures towards theft. Security systems are useful towards a potential robbery, but what happens when the store employees are robbed at gunpoint? The usual result is that the employee hands over the requested merchandise to the robbers…jewelry can be replaced.

A New Jersey jewelry store was recently robbed at gunpoint by three armed men. The men entered the jewelry store, armed and wearing a type of stocking on their heads that covered their faces. The robbery occurred around 7:00 p.m. earlier this week. The events that occurred when the three robbers were inside the jewelry store were not released. After the events inside the jewelry store concluded, the three robbers fled the jewelry store and drove away in a Ford truck.

Following the robbery, local New Jersey police received a report about the robbery and the fleeing robbers in the Ford truck. Local police were able to find the Ford truck and made a high risk stop of the vehicle. The three men were arrested pursuant to the high risk stop and were arrested. The arrest occurred without incident. During the arrest the police discovered the stockings worn by the robbers, the stolen jewelry and handguns. Each of the three men have been criminally charged with weapons charges and receiving stolen property.

Source: Newark Patch, “Trio of Newark Men Arrested for Jewelry Store Robbery,” Aug. 7, 2012

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