New Jersey Man Accused of DUI Death by Auto

There can be serious consequences for anyone found to be at fault in a car accident. However, when alcohol is suspected to be involved, these consequences can become all the more severe. Drunk driving is often viewed very harshly in the eyes of the law. Judges are many times unforgiving in such cases. This is why those accused of such crimes must do the utmost to defend themselves in court. With a strong and vigorous defense, it may be possible to stave off such charges and avoid the harsh penalties that come with being convicted of a DUI.

A New Jersey man faces serious charges involving drunk driving. According to reports, the man recently made a court appearance in order to defend himself against these charges. The man is accused of fatally hitting a 58-year-old UPS worker while allegedly intoxicated one early Saturday morning. Officers claim that the man accused of drunk driving was going around 40 miles per hour in a 25 mph area. The man who was hit lost a leg as a result of the impact.

The man accused of drunk driving chose to be represented by a private attorney. He was, however, qualified to have a public defender represent him. However, the man does not yet have a private defender and he claims his mother is working on procuring one. If he cannot get a private representative by a certain date, the court will require that he use a public attorney.

Private attorneys can be immensely helpful for those facing a DUI charge. An attorney with expertise in criminal law can help a defendant devise a strong legal strategy. Backed by such a strategy, it may be possible for those accused of DUI crimes to get such charges dropped and move on with their lives.

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