New Jersey Man Arrested for Deli Robbery Second Suspect Sought

A Linden robber was arrested thanks to a quick-thinking deli clerk’s call to police. Earlier that day, a man with a bandana covering his face had entered the deli with a gun in hand. He grabbed the cash from the register and fled. The 19-year-old man was arrested shortly after.

The accused robber was wearing a hooded sweatshirt, and as he entered the deli, he ordered the 29-year-old employee at gunpoint to turn off the lights while he locked the door. He then ordered the employee to tape his wrists, feet and mouth with duct tape. According to local law enforcement, a second man was involved as a lookout, but the police are still searching for him.

Thanks to the unnoticed call, the police rushed to the area just in time to observe two people fleeing. The suspects were chased on foot through several backyards before one was apprehended at gunpoint at the 1200 block of Bower Street. The police recovered the stolen money, along with a gun and other items. One of the officers suffered injuries when he jumped a fence during the chase and was taken to a hospital in Rahway for treatment of injuries to his jaw, wrist and finger.

Robbery can be a serious charge for any New Jersey resident to face. An attorney knowledgeable in criminal defense law may be able to help the defendant develop a strategic position. The attorney may also review the facts of the case, the arrest and booking and make sure that the defendant’s rights have been protected throughout the process.

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