New Jersey Pharmacist Accused of Creating an Illegal Drug Lab

A 33-year-old man originally from Jersey City has been accused of violating federal drug laws. Police detained him shortly after midnight on Nov. 14 on Bleecker Street in Jersey City. A criminal complaint filed earlier in federal court claims that the man made a series of purchases from online auctions in order to obtain items that are known ingredients for MDA, which is a Schedule I controlled substance that can cause hallucinations in those who take it.

Following the arrest, police closed both an unidentified building to search for evidence and a nearby day care. They believe that the man was running an illegal drug lab. Later, police executed search warrants in both New York and New Jersey, looking for evidence to support their claims that the man attempted to manufacture illegal drugs. He is charged with attempted manufacture of MDA and possession of materials that are used to manufacture a controlled substance.

It was not stated what information may have led police to target the man, who worked as a pharmacist. His arraignment was scheduled for the morning of Nov. 14 in Newark.

When a person is accused of committing a crime, a criminal defense attorney may help. It may be possible to review the affidavit written in support of a search warrant and argue that there was no probable cause to support it. An attorney may also look for other flaws in the search warrant that would render the search invalid. If a warrant is not valid, then a judge might suppress any evidence seized in connection with it. An attorney may help seek that outcome, which can sometimes lead to having charges reduced or dropped.

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