New Jersey Woman Says Gun Was Used to Force Assault

Facebook is frequently used by a large percentage of people of all ages. Most of the time Facebook is used for the intended purpose of having good natured conversations with intended recipients. Facebook has also been used for conversations that are not good natured. Those conversations have led to the arrest of a New Jersey man, who now faces charges of terrorism for the social media commentary.

The incident related to the Internet crimes began when four juveniles made reports that they received terroristic messages on their Facebook accounts. The reports were eventually forwarded to and investigated by New Jersey police.

Following the police involvement, the investigation unfolded when the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children made a report about the terroristic threats. The report led the police to identify the man who has been charged with the acts. The man has been identified as a 20-year-old man from New Jersey, who has been arrested and is currently in formal custody.

After being arrested, the man reportedly admitted to making the terrorist threats by using Facebook to communicate with the juveniles. The man reportedly used multiple Facebook accounts to contact the young adults. The terrorist threats reportedly contained messages that the individuals only had weeks to live. The man currently faces several charges for terroristic threats, harassment and theft of services. The man is currently being held on $35,000 bail. In addition to the those pending charges, the man may potentially face similar charges in almost two dozen different jurisdictions.

Source: Digital Life on Today, “Accused Facebook stalker arrested for terrorizing women,” Jackie Gailey, Sept. 28, 2012

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