NJ Suspect Fled Police Now Faces Gun Charges

It is not uncommon for New Jersey police officers to encounter, by happenstance, a criminal activity. When this happens, police usually attempt to apprehend or at detain the criminal suspect. Once the police have initiated the detainment process of the criminal suspect, the criminal suspect usually complies or runs. In a recent incident the criminal suspect decided to run-potentially due to the illegal handgun that was in his possession and fear of a potential gun charge.

The New Jersey police were involved in a foot chase with a 22 year old criminal suspect that ended with a potential gun charge. The police report that was released to the public did not provide any details regarding the events that led up to the foot chase. During the foot chase, the police noticed the criminal suspect drop an item on the ground. Police were able to retrieve the item dropped by the criminal suspect and it was a handgun. It was reported the handgun that was involved in the incident was a 9 mm and was stolen. In addition to the stolen handgun, the police also retrieved hollow point bullets.

The criminal suspect was apprehended and has been charged with several undisclosed charges. The stolen handgun has the potential to create serious gun charges, but the possession of hollow point bullets may have a more significant impact. Hollow point bullets are considered more severe than other types of ammunition and have specific restrictions under New Jersey law. The criminal suspect is currently being held in a local jail and has a $10,000 bail.

Source: nj.com, “Roselle police arrest man carrying handgun, hollow point ammunition,” Ryan Hutchins, July 23, 2012

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