Police Surveillance of New Jersey Home Leads to Drug Charges

Five people, ranging in age from 28 to 56, were charged with various drug-related crimes on Dec. 19 after the seizure of what was reported to be heroin from a home in Monmouth County that police had put under surveillance. Charges included possession of heroin, possession and intent to distribute illegal substances, and possession of drug paraphernalia. Police filed enhancements for the charges based on the claim that the house was located near a school and a park.

The home on St. Johns Place had been under surveillance by Keansburg police for two weeks because of allegations of drug activity in and around the house. One of the accused people was transferred to Middlesex County. Another is being held in Monmouth County with bail set at $135,000.

The five accused individuals could likely benefit from hiring a criminal defense lawyer with experience in handling drug charges. In a situation such as this with an extended period of surveillance undertaken at a residence because of alleged drug activity, a lawyer may help the accused by examining the evidence collected in the surveillance. Any irregularities in the police documents could lead to the seized drugs being excluded from the case.

In addition, an attorney may look for procedural mistakes that may constitute an illegal search or signs of mishandled evidence. If evidence was seized illegally, the court may exclude it from the trial. In the case of drug possession charges, the drugs allegedly seized are often the only evidence of a crime. Without the drugs in evidence, the prosecution’s case often falls apart, leading to the charges being dropped.

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