Sex Crime on a New Jersey Train Captured on Cell Phone

Public transportation is effective system that is used in many busy cities. While public transportation creates an affordable and convenient mode of transportation, it can also create an environment for a potential crime. A 28 year old woman was allegedly molested on a New Jersey train and police have charge the suspect with criminal charges related to the sex crime.

The 28 year old woman was traveling on New Jersey’s PATH train when the alleged sex crime occurred. The woman was on the train when she was allegedly groped by a 60 year old man. The woman was able to use her cell phone to take a picture of her alleged assailant. The cell phone picture was given to the local police department and was used to identify the man.

The New Jersey Port Authority was able to use the picture to identify the man, who was on the train and wearing the same clothing as in the picture that was provided to the police. The man was arrested based on the sex crime allegations and was also in possession of marijuana at the time of the arrest.

The man faces two criminal charges for sexual contact and fourth-degree assault charge. The man is currently being held in a local correctional center in lieu of a $20,000 bail. The man faces potential incarceration of a maximum of 18 months for each charge. The man was previously arrested for similar situation that involved a sex crime on a train and was convicted of forcible touching. The conviction resulted in the man being place on the sex offender registry.

Source: CBSNews, “Giovanni Verdelli, registered sex offender, arrested for 169th time in groping incident, NJ police say,” July 19, 2012

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