Suspected DUI Accident in New Jersey Leads to an Arrest

When an auto accident occurs, the gears of legal machinery begin to turn. When the conduct of a driver in an accident rises to a criminal level, the prosecutor’s office joins in the motion. Therefore, when drivers are charged with DUI or a more serious charge, it is imperative that they begin to initiate movement on behalf of their legal defense.

Last week a New Jersey man rear-ended a taxi with his truck. The accident occurred at approximately 9:20 in the evening. The collision caused a chain reaction which resulted in injuries to three people, two of which were later pronounced dead. The driver of the truck was not at the accident scene when emergency responders arrived.

Police found the suspect blocks away from the accident scene and apprehended him when his description matched that of the driver of the truck. The suspect appeared to be “under the influence of illegal substances,” but the exact substances were unknown. At the time of his arrest, officers claim that the suspect’s eyes appeared glassy and that he was slurring his speech.

In any crime, no matter how severe, each defendant has certain rights that are provided by law. In cases such as this one, these rights arguably take on even greater importance because the alleged conduct carries significant criminal penalties. It is essential that a criminal defendant understand and vigorously assert his rights, so that he may attain the greatest protection that the law provides according to the facts and circumstances of his case.

Source: The Star-Ledger, “2 killed in fiery Jersey City crash after accused impaired driver slams into taxi,” James Queally, Jan. 19, 2012.

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