Three Arrested in Connection with New Jersey Parking Lot Theft

When you hear about a theft charge like this recent New Jersey robbery, remember that no one knows for sure what goes through the minds of an alleged robber or any accomplices they may have with them at the time.

Briefly, one man is charged with a felony robbery after he was identified as the person who robbed a woman in a shopping center parking lot while wielding a gun. Two other persons were alleged conspirators in this crime. A good defense attorney will be needed by all three persons involved in this New Jersey crime.

One man allegedly committed a typical snatch-and-go crime, using the gun and threatening the woman shopper, grabbing her purse and then escaping in a nearby truck where two other people were waiting. Local police quickly located and stopped the fleeing truck, and one man was identified as the alleged robber. Two passengers in that truck were also taken away under arrest, charged with conspiracy in the robbery. Since they could not post bail, they went to Bucks County prison.

This is a case that demonstrates why a person accused of a criminal action like robbery should immediately call an experienced criminal defense lawyer to uphold their rights to be considered innocent until proven guilty. No one knows if the two passengers were actually participating in this crime, and we can only guess why the alleged robber did what he did. Consequences for felony robbery are very serious and often involve a loss of freedom. This is a matter for the attorneys and courts to straighten out to achieve fairness for all involved.

Source:, “Jersey man charged with parking lot robbery,” Jan. 4, 2012

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