TSA Agent Accused of Stealing Money from Airline Passenger

Sometimes temptation to steal gets the better of people, as was seen recently at JFK Airport in New York. A Transportation Security Administration agent was charged with theft charges when it was discovered that the agent took $5,000 from a passenger’s jacket when it was on an X-ray conveyor belt. In New Jersey, New York or any other state with a major airport, theft can occur in the midst of crowds.

The traveler noticed and reported the theft immediately to authorities and surveillance video was used to track the path of the suspected thief. A spokesperson from the New Jersey police department who also works for the Port Authority of New York said that video clearly showed the suspect taking money from the jacket, stuffing it into a plastic glove and then heading into a bathroom. Theft charges were made, but the money is still missing.

An investigation is in process, and the suspect was suspended from her TSA job. A TSA spokeswoman tried to assure travelers that this activity is not common among the TSA force. Theft and other violations of constitutionally guaranteed rights are, unfortunately, a problem with modern air travel. Other thefts have involved things like laptop computers, iPads, jewelry and other luxury items. If convicted of theft, the results may include a jail sentence, probation, fines and/or restitution to the victims.

Even with video evidence, crimes are not always what they appear to be, which is why having a criminal defense attorney is so important. A strong legal defense and the assumption of innocence are rights guaranteed to everyone, especially those suspected of wrongdoing. Anyone that is suspected of being involved in a theft needs prompt representation by an experienced criminal defense attorney.

Source: The New American, “TSA Agent Caught Stealing $5,000 from Passenger at JFK Airport,” Michael Tennant, Feb. 4, 2012

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