What to Expect in New Jersey Drug Court

A person in Morris County, New Jersey, may wonder what the judicial proceedings could be like if they are facing drug charges. It is always a good idea to know in advance what a person might be facing in court. Many defendants in drug cases in New Jersey find themselves in drug court.

According to the New Jersey Courts, drug courts in the Garden State integrate drug treatment professionals into drug criminal cases, which traditionally have been handled as criminal matters only. In addition to the usual judge, lawyers, probation and parole officers and court support staff, drug courts feature the participation of drug treatment professionals and substance abuse evaluators, according to the court system.

The court system’s website describes the process as being collaborative in nature, with the goal of identifying individuals in the system who might be good candidates for the program. A good candidate is described as a non-violent offender. The web page describes participants as being subject to a graduated system of incentives and sanctions to encourage them to begin the recovery process.

Some people could probably benefit from the services provided by drug courts. However, others may not actually be guilty of drug offenses and therefore should not be under court supervision at all. There is no one approach that will suit all defendants. Each case must be looked at individually, and each defendant must have a defense that is most suited to their situation. A New Jersey drug charges lawyer can discuss a person’s case individually with that person and help them tailor a defense approach.

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