Man Pleads Guilty to Attempting to Smuggle Chocolate Covered Heroine into New Jersey


Any situation that’s tied to alleged drug law violations can escalate quickly and may lead to criminal consequences. If you find yourself facing drug charges including the intent to distribute, you must be prepared to respond quickly to protect yourself- get a lawyer you can trust immediately.

A man from Guatemala recently pleaded guilty in the Trenton U.S. Federal Court of attempting to smuggle heroin into the State of New Jersey. The 21-year-old defendant admitted that he had been attempting to bring in 3 kilograms of heroin and tried to hide them by coating them in chocolate. U.S. Customs and Border Protection stopped him when he disembarked a flight from Guatemala City to Newark Airport on June 11th.

At that point, border guards began to inspect his luggage and found six single layer cakes that were actually made of heroine covered by a thin layer of chocolate and then wrapped in paper. Regardless of how a drug is covered, any person can still be facing allegations and potential convictions for drug crimes throughout the state of New Jersey, if captured within the state.

Various drug charges may apply depending on whether or not the officers believe the person had an intent to sell to distribute it. Having an experienced criminal defense attorney who can assist you, when you have been accused of a crime like this may help you avoid the serious consequences of going to jail and other penalties associated with a drug crime.

The right criminal defense attorney is an important asset in your case and should be retained as soon as possible to protect your interests. The law offices of James M. Porfido can be contacted today to learn more about what to do if you have been accused of a drug crime. Call (973) 370-9788 or fill out our convenient online contact form to get started today.

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