Speeding Newark Driver Ignores Red Light with Child Passenger

A speeding driver was taken into custody after running a red light in front of a Bloomfield police cruiser. Authorities followed the Honda until it took a sharp turn into a driveway and came to a stop. As they approached the vehicle on foot, the police saw a child standing up in the back of the car with no seat belt on.

The driver of the vehicle, a 25-year-old Newark man, allegedly refused to exit the car when ordered to by the police. The officers reported that he attempted to reach for something and tried to fight them off. They also noticed the smell of alcohol on his breath and later discovered that the item he may have been reaching for was a small baseball bat. After police arrested the driver, the 23-year-old female passenger in the vehicle told them that the child was the driver’s daughter but that he did not have custody. In addition to multiple DWI charges, the man is accused of illegal weapon possession, obstruction and endangering child welfare.

This driver may face numerous convictions for the crimes he stands accused of. The fact that he allegedly committed these acts in the presence of a minor could also make any possible sentence he receives harsher.

Although it’s unclear whether this individual was a first-time DWI offender, his license might be revoked or he may face time in jail regardless. Many drivers who have been charged with DUIs and other violations seek the assistance of attorneys who can help them make them best of their cases and avoid serious penalties.

Source: Bloomfield Patch, “Police: Drunk driver blew through red light at 80 mph,” Adam Bulger, March 13, 2013

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