State Sponsored New Jersey DWI

A New Jersey officer was arrested this week and charged with driving while intoxicated. The officer had consumed the alcohol as a part of an officers training class to help demonstrate the effects that alcohol would have on a driver. The officer had volunteered to participate in the demonstration. The 31-year-old officer consumed enough alcohol to reach a .13 blood alcohol level.

After consuming the alcohol, the officer allowed his co-workers to conduct field sobriety tests. He walked the line, touched his nose and counted down from 100 to show officers what a general reaction would look like. The field sobriety tests are not qualitatively measurable, thus making it necessary for officers to have some guideline for judgment.

Once the demonstration had ended, the officer was driven safely home. The officer however did not remain at home. Instead of sleeping it off, he got on his four-wheel all terrain vehicle and decided to take it for a drive. At approximately 3:13 in the afternoon, the driver lost control and the ATV flipped over. The officer was injured in the crash, sustaining injuries to his face.

The officer was later charged with driving while intoxicated and other traffic violations for driving the ATV on a roadway, an act prohibited under traffic laws. The police chief said that there was no doubt the officer would be charged.

The officer’s situation helps show that literally anyone could face a DWI offense. Stereotypes exist everywhere, but there is no “type” of person who is charged with a drunk driving offense. Not only can anyone end up facing DUI charges, but they can also arise from the use of a variety of motorized vehicles.

Source: North Jersey, “Midland Park officer who drank for DWI arrested after ATV crash,” Shawn Boburg, Dec. 16, 2011

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