Kors Lord Taylor Wanted Names in New Jersey of Purses That Is

While men may roll their eyes, look confused or simply not care when they hear designer names, tags like Michael Kors and Lord & Taylor are something that many women in New Jersey want to have hanging from their arms. Designer clothes and purses are something that are wanted by many but in reality are affordable for few, and yet the media makes it seem like they are a necessary item for females today.

Sometimes this temptation to have something just takes us over, but the mistake can have an effect on our future. A 46-year-old woman was recently arrested outside of a New Jersey shopping mall for allegedly stealing two designer handbags.

According to the Freehold Township Police, the woman had walked into the Freehold-Raceway Mall on Wednesday, Jan. 23. Police believe that the woman had gone into a department store and entered the section where the purses were located. They say that she then found two purses, one was a Michael Kors brand and the other was a Lord & Taylor handbag.

The complaint said that the woman attempted to hide the bags underneath the dress that she was wearing at the time. It also stated that she then left the store without paying for the two handbags that added up to a total of $676. She was arrested and remanded to the Monmouth County Correctional Institution. She was charged with shoplifting and is being held on a $5,000 bail.

The case remains pending and it is not clear what the outcome of this case will be. However, many of these cases result in large fines, strict probationary sentences and even the possibility of jail time depending on the circumstances.

Source: Freehold Patch, “Newark Resident Accused of Shoplifting Designer Handbags,” Alli Mechanic, Jan. 28, 2013

Whether a theft charged is classified as a misdemeanor or an indictable felony, the penalties can be serious. Visit our Morristown Shoplifting page to learn more about how to mitigate these penalties with aggressive representation.

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