Man Questioned in Morristown Home Claims He Wasnt the Driver

Fender benders don’t always involve the police. In most instances the two drivers involved in the collision simply exchange information about their insurance carriers and continue on their way. Sure, sometimes one driver may be upset, stressed or frustrated about what happened — collisions cost money to repair, but they know that when properly insured, the damage will be covered under their policy.

For one man, the possible frustration or concern over not receiving this insurance information after an accident may have prompted his further actions. The crash occurred on Dec. 23 at approximately 2 a.m. A pickup truck and a car collided in a parking lot at a shopping center in Morristown. The car drove away without stopping and the driver of the pickup truck followed in tow.

The driver of the pickup truck continued to follow the other vehicle involved in the collision until it pulled up in front of a home in Morris Township. The driver of the pickup truck had called the police at some point during the drive and stayed on the line until they arrived at the home where the car was parked.

The police proceeded by asking for consent to enter from the roommate and confronting the man they believed drove the car. They questioned him in his bedroom at his home with what was reported and arrested him after asking him to participate in field sobriety tests. The man admitted to consuming several drink as a local bar, but claimed that he had taken a cab home.

Source: Morristown Patch, “Drunk Hit-and-Run Driver Tracked to His Home, Cops Say,” John Dunphy, Dec. 31, 2012

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