New Jersey Woman Charged with Allegedly Allowing Teens to Drink

A New Jersey woman has been charged with juvenile-related crimes after police allege that she condoned minor drinking and drug use in her home. The woman is set to return to court in early November.

On the night of Oct. 19, police say that they responded to reports of a loud party on Engle Street in Tenafly. The officers claim that when they arrived, up to 75 teenage children fled the scene. After a quick search of the area, police allege that they found the source of the party, the house of a 44-year-old woman who resides on the street. According to the police report, the woman admitted to being inside while the party was going on.

The authorities entered the home and allege that they observed hard liquor, open cans of beer, marijuana and indications that cocaine was being used at the scene. Detectives interviewed witnesses who they assert may have been present at the party. They also claim to have found personal property left behind by others who allegedly fled when officers arrived. The woman has been charged with allowing juveniles to consume alcohol on the premises and maintaining a nuisance. Police say that they will also charge any identified juveniles who are proven to have been present at the scene.

Juvenile crimes, such as minor consumption of alcohol and underage drinking and driving, can have serious long-term consequences for both the teenager and adults who condone the behavior. The counsel of an attorney may be helpful in ensuring that a proper defense is made against the charges and that no constitutional rights were violated in the collection of evidence. An attorney may also be able to help in the plea bargaining process or as a representative in court, if necessary.

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