A Vigilant Passionate Criminal Defense Begins Now

If you are facing criminal allegations in Morris County you may be experiencing a maelstrom of conflicting feelings. You may be outraged to be accused of something you believe you’re not guilty of, or you may be terrified of the thought of the penalties and long-term consequences of a conviction.

A few months ago on this blog, we discussed the problems that can crop up when a criminal defendant makes an arguably ill-advised decision. The case involved a woman who was charged with the murder of her boyfriend’s mother. The woman pleaded guilty to the murder, but allegedly was not told of evidence that seemed to exonerate her of the murder. A decade later, the woman was still fighting to clear her name.

The consequences of a criminal conviction can continue long after a sentence has been served and fines have been paid. It is important for those accused of a crime to get experienced legal help as quickly as possible. A seasoned criminal defense attorney knows that police are not allowed to violate a suspect’s constitutional rights during an investigation, and knows that prosecutors must prove each element of a crime beyond a reasonable doubt before securing a conviction. Experienced defense attorneys know about the kinds of traps clients can fall into if their defense is careless.

The attorneys and staff at the law offices of James M. Porfido, Attorney at Law are intimately familiar with criminal law. They are vigilant in protecting the rights of their clients, and they are passionate about advocating on their behalf before a judge and jury.

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