Free New Jersey Rideshare This Halloween to Reduce Drunk Driving

When New Jersey residents think about measures taken by local governments to curb drunk driving, many think of extra patrols on holidays, such as Halloween and Thanksgiving. While this is an essential part of the efforts of many cities and towns to discourage driving while intoxicated, one town in the Garden State has hit upon a thoroughly 21st century solution.

A municipality in southern New Jersey has been averaging about 25 cases per month, where a motorist is arrested on suspicion of drunk driving. Local government officials, non-profits and donors got together to provide Halloween merrymakers with a safe alternative to driving this year. They pitched in to create and fund a program where patrons at a number of local establishment were able to get a free ride home from a rideshare service on Halloween night.

There is no word yet on whether officials in Morris County will get on the bandwagon with this kind of plan. But, this means two things: Morris County residents will want to make arrangements for a safe ride this holiday season, and they might want to put together an action plan to deal with drunk driving charges, if they choose to drive.

Drunk driving allegations could spring from problematic evidence relied on by prosecutors. This could include lack of probable cause to conduct a traffic stop, improperly conducted field sobriety tests or faulty breath test equipment. People convicted of drunk driving may face fines, license revocation and more. Experienced defense attorneys can be helpful in identifying potential issues and fighting on behalf of their clients.

Source: The New York Daily News, “New Jersey town offering free Uber rides to prevent drunken driving,” Oct. 25, 2015

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