How Does New Jerseys Drug Diversion Program Work

Many sociologists have found that the decision of some people to commit drug offenses is partly the result of economic, social and cultural factors. Maybe you or someone you know is in the position where factors beyond the defendant’s control have put them in trouble with the law. Does New Jersey’s criminal justice system acknowledge this reality?

It does. The Garden State, like many other states, offers a drug diversion program called the Pretrial Intervention Program, also known as the PTI. Any criminal defendant facing indictable offense charges is eligible to apply for PTI if they otherwise have no criminal record and have not participated in a diversionary program before.

What exactly does the PTI offer participants? People who participate in the Pretrial Intervention Program are offered early rehabilitative services that are geared toward deterring future criminal behavior. Participants are supervised over a period of one to three years. They will be expected to undergo random urine tests, and they also may be expected to pay restitution, perform community service and submit to drug, alcohol and psychological evaluations. Participants will be expected to comply with any treatment program recommended to them.

What to participants get in return for complying with these conditions? In addition to the resources that can help from avoid future legal problems, they also will not have the stigma of a conviction on their record.

Participants have 28 days after their indictment to apply for the PTI program. The applicant will be interviewed by a staff member from the Criminal Division of the New Jersey Superior Court. The applicant is admitted to the program if the Criminal Division, prosecutor and defendant all consent to participation. A Morristown drug charges lawyer can provide more information to people interested in participating in the PTI program.

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