DNA Evidence Used in Morristown Robbery Case

When a person is facing criminal charges, it can feel devastating. People may not understand why the charges have been brought, what the potential punishments will be or how to defend against the charges.

Police and prosecutors, on the other hand, are well trained in all of these issues. They know exactly the types of evidence that are necessary to bring charges and obtain a conviction.

This evidence can include DNA evidence. For example, in a recent Morristown, New Jersey case a 43-year-old man has been accused of armed robbery 13 months after the crime occurred. According to reports, police have used DNA evidence to tie the man to the crime. Police say that the DNA was collected from zip-ties used to bind a parking lot employee in May 2014. The employee was apparently robbed at gunpoint while the employee gathered money from the weekend. Furthermore, police claim that the unidentified witness and alleged victim, identified the suspect as a male.

Police allege that the DNA collected from the zip-ties was analyzed with DNA in police records. It apparently ties the man facing these allegations to the crime. The man had a previous drug offense conviction. He has now been charged with possession of a weapon for unlawful purpose, first-degree robbery, unlawful possession of a weapon and other weapons charges.

DNA evidence can be complicated for police to collect and analyze. Mistakes can be made that lead to false accusations and wrongful convictions. People need to protect themselves in this situation to make sure all evidence has been fairly and legally collected. An aggressive criminal defense can help make that possible.

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