Drug Charges Need Quick Action

When a person is suspected of drug use, drug possession or distribution by police, investigators will look for evidence to support criminal charges. This evidence may come from a search of a person or of the person’s property. Whatever the case may be, police will act quickly to obtain the evidence they need and prosecutors will use evidence collected to get a prosecution.

People facing drug charges need to respond just as quickly. From the moment people learn that they might face drug charges, action needs to be taken to protect their legal rights. An attorney can be instrumental in helping those accused of drug-related criminal charges.

Certain constitutional protections are in place to try to prevent police from overstepping their authority during searches and seizures. These protections can be very important in drug cases. For example, a search warrant is usually necessary before police can legally search a person’s home.

No two drug cases are alike. Each case has its own unique challenges. But part of building a defense against drug charges in almost any case is making sure that the police respected these constitutional protections. If they acted beyond the scope of their authority, evidence from their search can be suppressed from trial. A defense attorney thoroughly investigates the circumstances of the search and arrest to see if the defendant’s rights were violated.

The lawyers at our firm are experienced and understanding when it comes to drug cases. We know that drug charges can result from illegal police activity and that they are often result from a person being in the wrong place at the wrong time. We work without judgment to prepare and execute a comprehensive criminal defense strategy to help people move forward from drug charges as quickly as possible.

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