Get a New Jersey Criminal Defense Tailored to Your Situation

Perhaps you or a person you know is facing allegations of a crime in New Jersey. Criminal charges may be brought for alleged activity, ranging from driving with a suspended license to drug charges to sexual assault or even homicide, depending on the circumstances. No New Jersey resident wants to be in this situation, and most do not want to face the full force of the government alone.

The law offices of James M. Porfido have helped many people in this situation. Just as every person is different, every situation is different. Our attorneys seek to tailor a defense that is best suited to the facts. Some people would like to minimize penalties or mitigate charges. These people might be interested in negotiating with the prosecution. Others may feel that they are not guilty of the charges or do not think there is enough evidence to convict. These might prefer putting up a stout defense at a criminal trial.

Our attorneys listen to understand priorities and opinions. We collaborate to devise a strategy. Attorney James M. Porfido has over 20 years of experience in criminal law, both as a prosecutor and now as a defense attorney. He knows how to challenge evidence and fight for his clients’ rights in New Jersey courts.

The penalties for those convicted can be severe. As such, the accused will want to be sure their rights are protected. Seeking the assistance of an experience attorney can help those in such situations form a solid plan of legal action, hopefully resulting in a positive outcome.

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