Man Charged with DUI Accused of Creating Black Ice as Cover Up

There are many reasons why a person may become involved in a car accident. Winter weather conditions, vehicle malfunctions and simple human error can all cause someone to lose control of a vehicle and crash. However, law enforcement is often quick to blame something else — that is, alcohol. It is possible that a person can suddenly face life-altering DUI charges and still be innocent. Anyone faced with such charges should do the utmost to defend him or herself; being convicted of a DUI can bring about ruinous and damaging consequences.

In New Jersey recently, a man was accused of not only drunken driving, but also attempting to fool police by pouring water onto a freezing road. Police claim the twenty-year-old man did so in an attempt to make it appear as though the cause of the accident was black ice. The crash took place in the early morning. Authorities claim the man ran a stop sign before hitting a guardrail in his BMW.

The man did not act alone, police said. According to reports, the man was assisted by a friend in dumping 5-gallon buckets of water onto the roadway. The man was found walking down the street shirtless while his fried was found sitting in the vehicle. The two men will soon have to fight the charges in court.

A DUI charge carries the potential for serious penalties. If found guilty, accused persons could do prison time, face hefty fines and/or have their driver’s license revoked. In order to combat such allegations, it is often necessary to present a vigorous and convincing case. If successful, a person may have the charges reduced, or dismissed entirely.

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